Railroad on Stilts-Camas Valley Railroad

What’s better to see, than a railroad on stilts? Nothing! That’s my conclusion, after seeing part of the amazing Camas Prairie Railroad last year.

Camas Prairie Railroad-The Railroad on Stilts
The nickname “Railroad on Stilts,” refers to a section of the defunct Camas Prairie Railroad of northern Idaho. In one five-mile section, there are more than a dozen wooden trestles. Each one assumes a different height and length, as determined by steep canyon walls.
The Union Pacific and Northern Pacific owned and operated the line. Constructed in 1908, the railway on stilts, operated for 92 years. It transported agriculture and timber from Central Idaho to the Pacific Northwest.
The scenic and spectacular scenery of the railway on stilts spawned interest by Hollywood. In 1975, filming took place, for Charles Bronson’s Breakheart Pass. In 1999, portions of the movie the Wild Wild West were also filmed.
Featured Image Copyright © 2017, By R.H. Vincent. All Rights Reserved.

Author: Vince

Vince is a 68-year-old male, who resides and works in the great state of Idaho. He has been married to his wonderful wife Mary for 43 years. They have three adult male children and four grandchildren. His passions include researching and writing about his families military history and pioneer roots. He loves exploring historic sites, taking photographs and blogging.

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