History, Why Should We Care?

History, my dad used to tell me, is the study of the past. It can also be a series of past events, connected with a person, as in my pioneer family roots. A list of chronological events is another definition.


My dad Jack, was a student of history. He came from a family of Idaho pioneers. He loved the past but didn’t live in it. His reasoning was simple, “You can always learn something from our past.”

In dad’s case, history was about Idaho and his pioneer roots. He told stories passed down from generations, read books and spent endless hours driving across Idaho.

It can also be a series of past events, connected with a person, as in my pioneer family roots. A list of chronological events is another definition.

No matter which definition you prefer, history is a constant in our lives. From the time we are born until the time we pass on, history is never ending.

I get accused all the time of living in the past, but it’s not true. It’s just that I want to know how my ancestors lived, where they lived and what they did. Sometimes lessons of the past, affect our future.

We tell stories to our children, to our friends and to each other. Sometimes we convey a moral lesson, other times it’s more practical. The military uses history, to learn defensive and offensive strategies.

Indeed, every aspect of our lives is predicated on history.

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Manifest Destiny-The American belief that settlers were destined to expand across North America


After a few posts to get the blog up and running, I decided I should include an Introduction post, to give you information on who I am, why I’m doing this and what you can expect. (Check out the About page for information on me).

Private vs Public

I’m an old dog, (68). At this stage of life, there is nothing I care to hide. In fact, I want to share. Two things I want to share are my Idaho family history and historical sites of interest that we have visited.


Although some information comes from family genealogy, it will not be a genealogy blog. My intent is to recount the history of coming to Idaho, along with stories that I recall, and enhance stories with little seen or unseen photographs.

My second focus is on Idaho historical sites of interest. Since retirement, the wife and I now have to time to explore. Museums, railroads, dams, bridges, Indian Battles, all sorts of things. These will be personal stories of our travels along with my photographs.

Who is the blog for?

This blog is for anyone interested in history, no matter the time nor the place. Young or old it doesn’t matter. All are welcome. Stories, photographs, and links to expand your knowledge. You can leave a comment or contact me directly.

What I hope to accomplish

If this blog is successful, I hope to link to others interested in history, no matter the type or location. I would be happy to link to you, and you could link to me. We could even share stories from time to time.

Welcome to the History of Idaho 😉

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Old Barn, Cascade, Idaho
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